Lovely cozy wooden house cafe😍, located on ChaingMai. After visiting Wat Umong, I was walking around and looking for a cafe for taking a rest. Then I came across this cafe by accident:) They don't have any air conditioners, but no needed. it was perfect weather. We had a reading time at the upstairs of this house. Quiet and relaxed. There is a little shop beside a pay counter. #Chiangmai #cafelover #WatUmong

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  • チェンマイにある風通しの良いカフェ! 寺院に寄ったついでに訪問。 2階の席が貸切状態でしたが、時間が止まっているかのような空間。 併設されている雑貨屋さんも可愛いです。 おすすめ。

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