This weekend I went to chiangmai to attend an archery competition at CMU. And I stomped by this restaurant by a chance , from what I heard from the owner it's the only Italian restaurant in the area and as expected the tastes was very good I went to this place for 3 days straight so I was able to took a lot of picture the first one is called a panna cotta an Italian sweet the texture and sweetness was the best! however it's not on the menu list as the owner specially prepared it for me because I came a long way from bangkok the second was a lamb steak with homemade tabasco . You can sense a wildness of this dish with a very strong taste of lamb and red wine the third was called pepper beef steak this one was my favorite the tenderness of meat and on top of that the best combination of taste sauce make it's one of the best steak dishes I ever had . The fourth picture is a red wine and herb grilled pork the taste was good and you can really feel the taste of red wine and herbs . The fifth was beef stew the taste was extremely strong because of the stocks and the meat was also very soft Average price of 120 per dishes

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